ponedeljek, 31. oktober 2016

4th day in Estonia, Tartu


Hope you're all well! And yes me and Nika made it to the 4th day of 21 days(if we're not mistaken).

This morning, on a Monday, 31. 10. 2016 we woke up to snow! How exciting (at least) for me since my favourite seasons are autumn and winter. And it's really interesting how Estonia (so far) is one of the few countries that have accurate wether predictions- when it said it is going to rain it did and for today, we saw snow on our Weather app but we weren't too sure if it will be accurate or not, and afterall we woke up and saw snow in our big window! 

Today was the first official day of our practice at the Tartu art school. Our first lesson was at 9am and was in an art studio-class room where the teacher Marina Aleksejeva helped us prepare for the project; she gave us some paper and paint brushes. She was really nice and explained to us what to do.
We had to paint a live model! It was the first time for me and Nika to experience something like this, it was such a fun, interesting and difficult experience! The model was just sitting still in front of us and we had to paint him, just like the rest of the class. It wasn't too difficult for us, but we know, we didn't do the best job, but we tried and it didn't turn out too bad either- even the teacher said it was OK and gave us some advice and tips for next time.

The front of the school with snow!

When the live model painting class was over, we had a lunch break, and our friend Zoe came to see us and explain some things. She told us that in the teachers lounge there is a small cabinet with laptops students can borrow if they have a free hour in school and/or have some work to do. All you have to do is sign your name on the paper in the cabinet and the time you took the computer, use it for a certain amout of time (as long as you need it, but you cannot take it out of the school), and when you finish your work you put it back, sign the hour you're returning it at and give your signature. We both think that thta's a really good idea! And because we had some free time we took a computer and watched some youtube videos while waiting for our next class to start.
We even got a free cocoa because a man was fixing the machine and he gave us one for free! :)

Next and final class for the day was plastic molding class. We waited in front of the classroom that was written on the program we recievede but there was no teacher in the room so we asked Ave to help us and found our teacher and right class.
The class was plastic molding and the teacher was really nice and really explained well what we needed to do! Our assigment for this class was to draw out ideas/designs for a human good deed award- some organization in Estonia is giving our prizes for people who do good deed's and they've been taking ideas and making the awards after sketches. He told us that it has to be around 30cm tall, 3D, 'attractive' from all sides, not to heavy and that it has to have a plate for a name on it(he explained and told us more but these were the main things). He then told us that if a student's sketch/idea is good enought they go ahead and make it from clay(it might be some other material, if so I appologize). So with all that we started drawing out our ideas, and the teacher was really helpfull and tried to help us evolve our ideas. So that was great! When the class was over, he even gave us 'homework' to think off 10 sketches for 2 cathegories for awards till next monday- we will keep you updated on how that goes!

When that was over we went home and enjoyed a nice evening.

This pictture is awful, but hey, snow!

Thank you for taking your time too read this and see what we've been up to. The pictures today are not too great,and that is because we weren't sure if they would be okay with us taking pictures, but we promise/hope better pictures are coming your way tomorrow!
See you,

3rd day in Estonia, Tartu

Hello! Živjo! Tere!
 We missed a day of posting due to our network not working since the kids came back to their dorm rooms( it was Sunday) and because of tiredness. But we're back on track!
Yesterday. Sunday, 30. 10. 2016 was a lazy day for us. We both woke up later, even too late one could say, but we finished with our late morning stuff; eating, teeth-brushing and all that stuff we all do and I'm not going to bore you with them. 
We then made up our place for the rest three weeks and did some laundry. After that we decided to go exploring on our today. Just to see if we could handle the buses on our own and maybe see something new.

The view out of our window
So we went out, took the right bus and arrived to the city- yay for us! We first looked around one mall, visited some clothing shops and stopped at a very mature corner for a few moments.

We then left the one mall and went to the other one, that was about 5 minutes away and explored that place, since we've only been there once. This mall was a bit bigger and on the third floor we found a cinema. We decided that we should watch some trailers and come back if we find something interesting. That's when we sat in a nice coffee shop to get some coffee and tea. We didn't spent too much time there since they close at 18:00 and we didn't know that at that time- but we did get to finish our bewerages so everything was good!

After the hot drinks we head back to the bus stop, where we took the bus number 4 and got home. We made some dinner, and I wanted to add that when our dinner's are over we always do the dishes  immediately and yes I'm mostly writing this so our mom's will see it and be proud. ;)

When the dinner and dish-washing duty's were over we decided to take a walk since there was no rain. After the not too long walk we came back to our Estonian home and got ready for bed.

The weather yesterday was not too cold, and we had no rain.
Best (estonian) wishes,
Anastasija Spirovska, Nika Rijavec :)

2. poglavje


Danes smo imeli uvodni sestanek na sedežu Paragona (organizator naše izmenjave). Podpisali smo pogodbe in dobili navodila za prakso. Izvedeli smo kako preživeti svoj prosti čas in kam iti na Malti. Po sestanku smo odšli do Vallette, kjer smo našli prijetno restavracijo z dobro hrano.
''Sraki'' sta si ogledali prav vse zlate ure v Valletti. :D

Uredili smo si karte za javni prevoz, odšli v trgovino po hrano za naše želodčke in nato smo se odpravili domov.

Ogled cerkve v Mosti
Cerkev v Mosti

Naši  ogromni nakupi

Najbolših 5 maltežanov! ;)

nedelja, 30. oktober 2016

1. Poglavje


Naše potovaje se je pričelo ob 11.40 v Ljubljani. Med 3 urno vožnjo smo po poti pobrali še Niko in Špelo. Ko smo prispeli v Benetke, smo izvedeli, da je naš let prestavljen na 1 uro kasneje. Kljub veliki lakoti in želji po kokicah, po več neuspelih poskusih nismo uspeli priti do njih. Po dolgem čakanju, smo se končno uspeli vkrcati na pravo letalo. Po uri in pol v zraku smo končno pristali na trdnih tleh. NA MALTI. Po pristanku, smo na srečo dobili vso svojo prtljago nazaj. Ko smo uspeli šoferju razložiti kako smo lačni, nas je peljal do trgovine. Kupili smo najnujnejšo hrano za večerjo. Ko smo se skoraj zgubili, in na koncu le nekako našli naš apartma, smo izpraznili kufre. Kljub temu da je bilo za večerjo že precej pozno, so nam kosmiči in toasti prav dobro teknili. Ker ob pisanju tega bloga že kar precej zehamo, se počesi poslavlajmo... do jutrii :)

Najboljših 5 Maltežanov :))

sobota, 29. oktober 2016

2nd day in Estonia, Tartu

Hello friends, parents and teachers! Hope you're all well!
Today, Sunday, 29. October 2016 me and Nika strated the day a bit later since the plans we made weren't supposed to start till 3pm. In the morning we had some breakfast and cleaned up the apartment a bit. We didn't have much to clean thought, just the dishes from morning coffee and tea. 

At around 2 we started to get ready, put some warm clothes on and head off to the bus stop where we were a bit early because we thought it would take us longer to get there but we needed less than 3 minutes. We got on the bus, used our bus cards for the first time and realized that the bus system is almost the same as it is in Slovenia, but here you can enter at any door- we have to entre at the very front door, where the driver is.

 At the next stop we meet our lovely friend Zoe and head off to the city.
 On the way there, we talked about what we do and what they do at their school. She showed us a picture of a project they made in Adobe Illustrator, and we realized we had some very simillar subjects. When arrived at the city center bus station (Kaubamaja) we got off our bus and took another one to go to another, bigger mall at the 'very edge' off the city. When we arrived we looked around and found many shops we don't have at home, so that was fun for us. We spent some quality and fun time with Zoe and in a few hours head back to the city, where we made a quick stop at the art shop where Zoe had to buy some A2 papers for a project/homework she will start working on.

After the short art shop stop, we got on another bus and went to a grocery shop nearby where me and Nika bought a bit more stuff for our stay in Tartu. The shop prices are quite simillar to our at home, but still you can find some items that are pricier and some that are cheaper. 
And today we saw something strange aswell, they have milk in norma cartons like we do, but they also have milk in bags- it was a first for both of us. Also products like sour cream and yoghurt were in some cases in bags.
When we bought all the things we needed, we went on the bus back home, said bye to Zoe and got home. At home we made late lunch/dinner, ate it, watched some Estonian TV programs and some movies online and went to bed.

See you tomorrow,
Anastasija Spirovska& Nika Rijavec

petek, 28. oktober 2016

Sem Nika Pirih, iz 3.c razreda.
V nedeljo odhajamo na Malto. Pricakujem nova znanja, predvsem pa izkusnje in seveda tudi malo zabave :D Fotografirala bom pri podjetju oz. ce se bolje izrazim pri modni znamki za moske. Tako da bo se zelo zanimivo. :D
Mislim da se bomo imeli zelo dobro in da bo to delo v tujini pustilo pri nas en velik pecat v zivljenju.
Zdej je treba spakirat, se poslovit od domacih in pol pa sam gremo!!
Se slisimo z Malte!
Sem Erik Intihar 3.g razreda SMGŠ.S prijavo na program Erasmus želim izkusiti samostojnega bivanja in novih izkušen in znanja na področju medijskega tehnika . Verjamem, da z vsemi izkušenj imam iz prvih dveh letih medijev in grafično oblikovanje, sem pripravljeni za vse, kar me čaka na Malti. Vendar moram priznati da sem malo živčen, saj je potrebna velika odgovornost in tri tedne je kar dosti časa od doma. Vsa komunikacija na delu bo potekala v angleščini, kar dobro, ker se bom pri tem veliko naučil, Ta izkušnja iz drugačnega družbenega okolja bo zelo koristna za moje prihodnje načrtovanje poti. Mislim, da mi bo zaradi dela v drugi državi pomagalo, da začnem razmišljati malo drugače in postanem bolj zrel.
Izkušnja, ki mi bo prinesla tudi številna nova tehnična znanja, katera so pomembna ko gre za oblikovanje. Na voljo bodo sodelovanja z različnimi mentorji, ki nam bodo pripomogli k temu da bi dosegli pomembne cilje. Vse to mi bo pomagalo tudi na faksu na katerega se bom opisal po srednji šoli.

1. day in Estonia, Tartu

 Hello to everyone that is readying this! We are Nika and Anastasija, two students from Srednja medijska in grafična šola in Ljubljana, in third year, 3.F to be exact.

While I'm writing this, it is the 2 day or 3 night in Estonia. We arrived a few days earlier because Nika won 3rd place in an internatonal photography competition, with the title Freedom and she came here to accept here price, along with our headmistress Ana Šterbenc, assistant principal Aleš Pešec and teacher Florjan Pezdevšek.

The flight was good, it took us a little longer than expected because the first time we took off, we had to fly back (while being about 30minutes into the flight from Ljubljana to Poland) because the plane had minor technical difficulties, but it was sorted our shortly and we were back on a new plane. When we arrived to Poland we had about 2 hours before our next plane for Estonia, so we got some lunch at the airport. We arrived at a late hour, grabbed our suitcased and to our luck got immidiately on the bus for Tartu, since we landed in Tallin. When we arrived at the first hotel we stayed at we immidiately went to bed since it was quite late.

Refreshing bewerages at the Warshaw airport.

The next day we visited the Art school where me and Nika will be spending the next 3 weeks at. After that we headed off to the newly opened museum Estonian national museum. We were all amazed by how big, beautiful and interesting was the building and the interior aswell. The museum opened on the 1st of October this year, they started building it in 2013, finished it on time and it cost them 75M eur. 

After the museum we got some lunch and at 4pm we headed off to a theather, where Nika and everybody else recieved their awards. There was also an exhibition with almost everyone's picture that made in into the 40(if I am not mistaken) choosen ones. As I said Nika won 3rd place and got a Sony digital camera, 2nd place went to a great Hungarian student Andras and first place to a lovely German girl Carolin. Congradulations again to everyone, the first three places were really outstanding! 
At the exhibition we also met Zoe and Ave, Zoe is a student at the art school here in Tartu and she wil help us get around, and Ave is the coordinator for international students. When the award ceremony was over Zoe took us to a kios where we bought a bus ticket for these 3 weeks here. We finished the night in a very lovely restaurant with the German and Hungarian teachers and the two winners, besides Nika of course and our Slovenian group. Everyone was great and we were all happy to meet them.

The winner

The next day, today, Friday (29. 10. 2016) was the day he had to say goodbye to our headmistress.assistant principal and teacher and say welcome and hello to 'freedom' and independence since in the morning the very nice coordinaor Ave came to pick us up and show us the student hotel/dorm rooms we will be staying at. The rooms are very nice and comfortable so we are very happy and thanfull for this oppurtunity, yet again! After unpacking we went to a grocery shopping, which was nearby fortunately. We bought all the necessary things and headed back, not to happy since rain followed us the whole day before and after the shopping trip. We also cooked our very first meal here today, and it was good. 

In the store we saw ice cream packed as a salami and we of course had to snap a picture. 

We start real work/learning on Monday, so we have 2 more days for rest and to get to know the city and the surrounding of our hotel. For tomorrow we made some plans with our friend Zoe and we will see how it goes, we just hope to have better weather or at least no rain!
See you tomorrow, 
Anastasija Spirovska and Nika Rijavec!
p.s.: We have some troubles with our cardreader so you will have to enjoy pictures taken with our phones, unfortnately! But we're fixing the problem. :)

written by: Anastasija Spirovska


Sem Luka Usenik, dIjak SMGŠ 3.g razreda in sem en izmed katerih, ki so bili izbrani za mobilnost na Malti.

Delal bom v podjetju V squared media, kjer se bom ukvarjal z snemanjem in produkcijo. To me zelo zanima saj veliko svojega časa posvetim tudi temu.

Vedno sem potoval z družino in bližnjimi sorodniki, a nikoli sam ali z prijatelji in sošolci. Zato je bila Malta prava izbira zame. Ko sem izvedel, da sem sprejet na mobilnost sem se začel šele zavedati da sem korak bližje cilju. Imam veliko izkušenj in potovanj za sabo in verjamem da bo ta tudi nepozaben.

Pričakujem veliko novega znanja, spoznavanje nove opreme in ljudi. Veselim se dela v ekipi in novih spoznanj, predvsem pa upam da čim boljše novo znanje in sporazumevanja iz angleščina! :)

Se vidimo kmalu, ko se bo naša pot na Malto zares pričela!:))
Žiujooo  :)

Sem Špela Malc, dijakinja SMGŠ in ena od 5ih srečnežev, ki to nedeljo letijo na Malto. 
Delala bom v podjetju, ki se ukvarja s filmom in produkcijo. :))

Na razgovor smo se prijavili konec septembra in lahko rečem, da se nam ni niti malo sanjalo, kako bo to zgledalo, kakšni bojo razgovori in koliko papirjev bo treba prej izpolniti. 
Bila je samo ena želja: Gremo na Malto!!! :p In ko smo izvedeli da smo izbrani..? NAVDUŠENJE :D hahaha odštevali dneve... no in danes je "še 2 dni.." in občutki danes... no ja.. neko čudno panično-zaskrbljeno navdušenje hahaha :)

Kaj če je kufer pretežak?! Kdo ima te njihove vtičnice? Koliko nogavic boš pa ti vzela?? A bomo sploh prali? A rabimo tut posteljnino??

..in še cel kup čudnih in manj čudnih vprašanj nas teži.. xD

Pa vendar že reees komaj čakam, da lahko neham pregledovat, če mi še kaj v kufru manjka :p ..da pridemo na Malto in da preživimo 21 nepozabnih dni :)

No, se slišimo z Malte! :)
Živijo!  :)

Sem Ana Kozlevčar, dijakinja 3.C razreda. Tako kot ostali sem tudi jaz navdušena nad možnostjo dela na Malti. :D

Delala bom v podjetju kjer se ukvarjajo z grafično pripravo. To me zelo veseli zato komaj čakam da začnemo z delom.

Ko sem izvedela za možnost izmenjave, je bila moja reakcija "ooo hudoo", nato "Špela dejva se prjavt!!!", za tem pa panika, ker je potrebno zbrati mnenja profesorjev. Na srečo sem bila izbrana in sem zelo hvaležna za priložnost dela v tujini.

Ker vem da je do odhoda le še 2 dni, res že komaj čakam da odidemo novim dogodivščinam naproti!

Za zdaj je to vse in se slišimo iz Malte! :D