sobota, 18. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 21

So, this is kind of sad. Today is our last day in France and I must say I will definetly miss it. Even more than France I will miss my new friends, I've definetly made a lot of new powerful friendships. I will also miss Nadia scratch that I already miss her. She is our second mother and we love her so much. Today was really a sad day for me, we were free for most of the day, we just had to return our lunch cards for Lafayette and that was it. We went shoping one last time in Jaude which was very fun. Other than that we didn't do much, we cleaned the house and in the evening we surpirsed Nadia with some flowers and she was very happy. We had a nice chat late into the night. I will definetly remember this evening. I hope Nadia will come to Slovenia so we can show her our country and be her mentor in a way. I definitely want to see these guys again, Robin and two of his friends are coming to Slovenia in August and to be honest I can't wait. Besides all of that it really was a life changing experience, I've learnt a lot of new things and not just in our field of study but about life in general and I will cherish this knowledge for ever. Well this is it for us, we are done no more blogs for us. I would like to thank everybody that helped make this exchange possible from the bottom of my heart.
Oh and Nadia if you are readying this, THANK YOU again really, because of you this experience was 100 times better. Also I hope that the house was clean enough.



petek, 17. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 20

Today was a very interesting day. We once again went to Lafayette where we attented graphic design class, We were given an assigment to make a poster for an opening of a restaurant. We could only use cyan and brown, aslo we had to fit 200~ words in the poster. At first the assigment seemed easy, but we were very soon proven otherwise. We worked in pairs and had one hour to get the assigment done. I must admit that we had some problems communicating with the students, BUT we still finished the assigment successfully and the finished pieces looked almost 100% professional.
After graphic design class we had lunch, played some pool and got ready for our next class. We were told it's going to be drawing class, but it turned out that it was actually a class that revolved around photoshop. We were told to combine animals and landscapes in a cool looking manner that would grab the audiences attention. I must proudly say that we succeeded(picture below). It turned out the professor who had us, was a very successful illustrator, his drawings were absolutely gorgeus and almost life like(at first I thought he was showing us his photos, nope they were drawings).
After class I visited the cathedral and climbed to the top tower in Robin in Zack, it was absolutely gorgeous, you can see the whole Clermont-Ferrand and all the way to Lyon. Beautiful.
Aur revoir, Samo.

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 19

Today we went to the national television station of Clermont-Ferrand where we met madam Natalie. She is one of two main reporters on the TV station, She and her colleague Patrick, that is one of the cameraman on the station. Natalia and Patrick have worked with one of  the most important people in the world, including Nelson Mandela. They were the main reporters on his election day.
When we first met Natalie and Patrick we were given their camera and asked to make some shots (the camera was worth 40,000€!). We filmed some test interviews and then reviewed the footage together with Natalie and Patrick. They told us some camera tricks, that go unnoticed but are crucial when filming. Patrick and Natalie asked us if we'd like to help set up a scene for an interview/photo shoot for a cosplayer that was on his way to the station. We happily obliged.
Just as we finished setting up the scene the cosplayer arrived. He was (and still is!) being followed on his journey to Switzerland, where he will be attending an internationall cosplay event.
After the shoot we got to play with a proffesional photo camera of one of the photographers (just the body of the camera costs 5,000€!). And I must say that the second you see the photo you took, you know where all that money went when you bought the camera. Absolutely amazing.
With that our time at the station has run out, so we headed home, where we got ready for a dinner with madam Nadia, Robin and Zack.
Madam Nadia took us to a very fancy restaurant in the middle of the city, where we ate Tartiflette. We were very surprised by the taste of it, because it tastes exactly like musaka! After the main dish, we ordered some(delicious) desserts, a beautiful way to finish our day. We headed home and collapsed into a food coma.
Aur revoir, Samo!

sreda, 15. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 18

Today was not really the usual day. Me and Miha were grouped with a journalist Natalie and her cameraman Patrick, while Dragan and Samo went somewhere with a class. We had to do a report on two teens who want to become the best sheperds and are training for a big competition in paris. We had to drive 55km to a school for farmers in a Slovenian looking village. There are 600 students in the school, but the school area is huge as they have their own barns and fields and such.
First off we had to shoot some scenes in the classroom, but then we went to the barn where the sheep were. So right as we came to the barn there was a sheep giving birth and two students had to get the baby out. It was a long and bloody process and I still can't get the image out of my mind. So while that was happening, me and Miha found a really cute lamb, which we hanged out with until something happened. I'd witnessed the full cycle of life. The beauty of birth and the iciness of death. It happened like this. We were petting the lamb when suddenly a teacher ran next to us and in his hand, he was holding a newborn lamb by the legs. The whole thing happened in about 2 seconds, the first second went by with me thinking "oooh how cute, now they just have to clean it off and it's set to live life like the lamb it is" and the second second went by with me realising it was dead and the teacher giving CPR to it. Great way to start the day i tell you. After that little mixup the competing students had to successfully complete some exercises with the sheep and we took some pictures.
We had lunch with the teachers and what seemed interesting to me is that they had a lot of different types of cheese and they present it as dessert. Natalie and Patrick then showed us their tv station and how they edit their videos and it was really cool to see. Patrick let me edit some footage we filmed today and it was really fun. Tomorrow we're all going with Natalie and Patrick to interview a cosplayer, and I'm really excited about that.
Right now I need to clean my shoes from all the dirt and what-not from the barn and also we need to clean the house because tomorrow our principal and a teacher are coming and the house in its current condition doesen't even look like anything letalone a house.
Bor signing out.

Sheep witing for food

Natalie interviewing a student
Sheep barn
Patrick and his 60.000€ cameraa
Bor petting Francis II

torek, 14. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 17

Today we went filming at 8:00 with our friends from Blaise Pascal. It was really hard for us because their equipment is obsolete copared to ours. We had lots of problems with the filming of our projects because of this. In fact Bor and Miha didn't film theirs while me and Samo somehow managed to film it. We had to film portraits of each other. We had to portray the french as we saw them and they had to portray us. Funny thing is that we learnd that they are way more creative than us.  But maybe it was because we are not used to waking up so early. I also learned that burning a burger with fire is not a good idea if you are holding it in your hand. Samo made our friend Elie walk into water for our portrait which was fun, he didnt mind though. Either way we had fun conquering the challenge that was the camera equipment and we were proud of the project that we filmed. We spent the rest of the day reminiscing upon the two weeks that we just spent in France and thinking about our last week here. 
Au revoir, Dragan.

ponedeljek, 13. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 16

Hi, so we spent this sunday like we usually do, we spent most of the day inside editing our photos and preaparing for school. We didn't do anything special as we were very tired from the whole week, so we just took some time to catch up with our families which we do with the help of Skype. I think that slowly the homesickness will start to kick in in some of the guys. Infront of us is our last week in Clermont Ferrand, a lot of things are planned for this week. Me and Bor are going to the local news station in Clermont Ferrand where we will help preapare a report. Dragan and Samo are going to a photography exhibition where they will spent the whole day learning about photography. I'm very happy about this last two weeks, I feel like I've learnt a lot and made a lot of new friends. In a way I look forward to going home, but I will definetly miss Clermont Ferrand and the people. I look forward to tomorrow as I will learn a lot of things about television.
Au revoir, Miha.

Some of the photos we have edited

Viewpoimt on Puy de Dome

Bor admiring the view

1.465 m high

nedelja, 12. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 15

Today was the last day of the Clermont-Ferrand film festival. Parties are being thrown, people are celebrating the success that the festival was. For me personally the festival was an eye opener. I have heard a lot about film festivals and their cinematagraphic value from our professor mag. Boštjan Miha Jambrek. Short movies I saw were mostly very lacking in the story aspect, but they redemeed themselves in composition, well cut shots and gorgeous color grading. 
Seeing the actual movies was quite difficult, since we had to be at the avenue the movie was playing at ATLEAST one hour before it started, if you came 45 minutes or 30 minutes before the screening, the line for the avenue was already too long and you were removed by the employees. This happened a few times and resulted in us and our french friend Robin (who was our guest in Slovenia a few months back) running through the city to the other avenue, hoping it's not completely filled. Usual screening lasted about 90 minutes and was contained 4-8 short movies, but there were a few exceptions. I would recommend this festival to anyone that can appreciate good cinematography (emphasis on the "good"), but doesn't really care about storytelling.
Au revoir, Samo.

This is the film festival banner,
it is all over Clermont-Ferrand

sobota, 11. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 14

Today was a very nice day, it was warm and sunny. Nadia decided to take us to the Puy-de-Dome which is 1.465m high. We took a train all the way to the top, the return ticket cost 10€, which is expensive for a 15 minute train ride. When we came to the top we were very suprised as there was snow and we haven't seen snow for the whole time while in Clermont Ferrand. Fun fact abour Puy-de-Dome, it's actually an inactive volcano which is pretty awesome. And the view from the top, was incredible - we saw the whole Clermont Ferrand from the top. It was very windy and cold so we couldn't stay there for a long time but we managed to see everything that there is. There's also a foundation of a Roman temple which they are going to rebuild in the future. After that Samo and Dragan went to the gym and me and Bor went to the store. When we came home we realised that Samo and Dragan have both keys to the house. We thought that we were going to be locked out for 2 hours but then I found an opened window so we climbed through.
The edge of the mountain

The mountain cantine and dining area.
The view from atop

petek, 10. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 13

So it's our thirteenth day in France and we are still having fun and learning new things. Today we we're at L'Atelier again (Atelier means workshop, if anybody was wondering) and today I spent a lot of time at the ARTFX workshop as I'm very interested in what they are doing and how are they making it. I was talking to two students one of them was making a 3D character in a 3D sculpting program and he showed me all of the layers needed to create a game character. He also showed me all of the textures, that he created just for this character, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a 3D character for a game. He even let me try the program out and of course I was completly lost as I have never used this program before, but I can't wait to come back home to Slovenia so I can learn to use the program. The other student I was talking to was the same one from my first day at L'Atelier, he was drawing. a huge scary forest that looked like a level in a awesome game. He was using Photoshop and he was almost done as he has been working on it from day one. He was drawing on a Wacom graphic tablet with a special pen. He was so nice that he let me try and draw something on his masterpiece, but of course it wasn't nearly as good as his. When we finished we went to the cheapest kebab place, well it wasn't cheap at all as we payed 7€ for a kebab that was rubbish. I'm very excited for tomorrow as we are going to go on a mountain, and I think we all need to leave the city and get some fresh air.
Best regards,


ARTFX student drawing on
a Wacom tablet

četrtek, 09. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont-Ferrand day 12

So today we didn't have much planned, so I'm just going to present you the "unusual" or "different" things of Clermont-Ferrand. The first and probably the most noticable thing is the grafitti. They have a much different policy about grafitti here than in Slovenia. And I'm not talking about the vandalist type of grafitti (without any meaning or just random racial slurs), I'm talking about real art pieces running along typical french architecture. There is a really cute house not far from where we live and the whole house is painted in grafitty. Different styles, different artists, different meanings but all of it together merging in one huge art piece. I've made it as an objective for myself, to document all the grafitti of Clermont-Ferrand. And the reason behind all the grafitti is their mayor is really supportive of young people. He believes in kids being the future of the city so he wants to pay young people of Clermont kind of a monthly wage to help them live and buy food and pay for their schools so I think that is really really cool. We're also thinking of maybe doing an interview with Nadia because she's always telling us these interesting things about the city so i think it would make a really good interview.
The first thing you would notice, coming to Clermont from Slovenia is probably the traffic. I think because there are so many people living in Clermont, the police doesen't even bother with small felonies like crossing the red light, or making a wrong turn and such, so you see people running across streets between cars like it's normal. We also witnessed a car going the wrong way on the road and i was sure he was going to cause an accident but he didn't and nobody even cared about him.
And the last thing I'm going to talk about is the army. In Slovenia you maybe see one or two police officers in the city on a normal day, but here in Clermont you see soldiers with guns walking around the streets. When I first saw them i was super scared. I was hanging out with two local friends and I looked to my left and saw 9 soldiers with guns and I was seriously concerned and scared but the friends I was with were looking at me funny because it's just a normal thing here. A friend told me something along the lines of an assasination taking place or something like that but I'm not too sure about that and I'm going to ask more about that.
That's kind of it for this blog,
Best regards, Bor

Grafitti of Clermont

sreda, 08. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 11


this is our 11th day in France and we are still learning new things about the people and the culture. You know that little stereotype, that the French are dirty? Well it's true, today on our way to get bread we found human feces laying in the middle of the street and this isn't even the first time. After we ate breakfast we went to The Atelier, today we spent a lot of time in the stop motion animation workshop. We met two students who were working on a short clip for a music video, one of them was from Clermont Ferrand and the other one was from Columbia. They were very nice and were happy to tell us everything we wanted to know. They were animating boiling oil and they even let us help them, it was very fun and interesting. They told us how to animate with clay, that you have to be careful how you position the lights and that it is important from which perspective you are shooting. It was fun to see the progress throughout the day. Samo and Dragan went home by bus but me and Bor decided to walk home as the streets of Clermont Ferrand are very interesting. There is a lot of grafitti and many interesting stores. It's always fun to explore new cities see new streets and experience the city in a different way.

Au revoir,

Miha, Bor, Dragan, Samo

Dragan helping with the stopmotion animation
Boiling oil animation
On the left is the student from Columbia
and on the right is the student from Clermont Ferrand.

torek, 07. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 10

today we went to The Atelier where there were 4 workshops, stop motion animation, photography, film/cgi and sound design. We were all free to look around and meet new people. I personally liked the film/cgi workshop the most, as there was VR technology and people there were very nice, they came from a high school ARTFX, which lasts 5 years. I made a new friend one of the ARTFX students and he told me all about creating VR games, how you design models in maya and then import them into a VR compatible game designing software. Then he let me try their HTC Vive VR set and it was a life changing experience, I finally felt like it's the 21st century. One of the students was drawing artwork in Photoshop, for his resume and boy it was amazing, it looked like artwork for a new game. There was also some of their CGI work on display, they have worked on a lot of big projects, such as Pirates of the Caribbean. To be honest I would love to go to their high school. They also gave me a brochure of their school, which was nice of them. I really can't wait to go there again tomorrow.

Me playing HTC Vive VR
Samo feeling blessed

ARTFX high school brochure

nedelja, 05. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 8 and 9

So this weekend was very lazy so we decided to combine both days into one blog. Yesterday we went to a film class so we could meet the students we'll be working with on the film project. After that we went to eat some French cuisine, we ate the classic kebab, only Dragan seemed to enjoy it. Then we went home and just hung out in our living room for the rest of the day, watching movies and playing cards. Today we woke up at about 10, ate breakfast and then me and Bor went out to take some photos. After that we went home and edited what we shot for about 2 hours. Then we had dinner, noodles as usual not very healthy but cheap and easy to make. Then Samo went out to meet some of his friends and they went to watch some short films at the festival , sadly we couldn't go beacuse we don't have the cards yet. We're slowly adapting to the people and the culture, we definetly appreciate people who speak atleast a little bit of English more than we did at the start. Tomorrow is going to be intense as we start at 9am and finnish at 4pm.

petek, 03. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 7

Good evening people on Blogger, today was a very interesting day for us at Lafayette. We met three different classes and it was really interesting to see the English knowledge gap between each one. We had to present ourselves and our home country. The presentations went well, the first one was ok because it was our first and we were not warmed up and kind of lost. The second one was the best, we had the most fun. We showed Bor & Miha's youtube channels and the kids in the classroom had a good laugh and we had one as well. The last one was the worst one because we were tierd and saying something three times in the span of 3 hours is very exhausting. After that Miha, Bor and Samo went home with Nadia while I stayed and played pool at the Cantina. I made a new friend, his name is Michael. We played pool for 3 hours. He beat me 2-1. After that I took the bus home. Then we all slept and now we are going out with Robin and his copains :).


Moi! Danes se po vsej verjetnosti javljamo zadnjič, jutri se namreč odpravljamo nazaj proti domu. Dan smo začele kot po navadi, skupaj s profesorjem smo odšli v šolo. Dela tudi danes nismo imele veliko, čas pa je tekel še hitreje. Uspelo nam je posneti skupinsko fotografijo z našim razredom ter profesorjema. Kar naenkrat nam je profesor sporočil, da nas bo čez par minut pred glavnim vhodom čakal prevoz. Zagrabila nas je panika, imamo dovolj časa, da se poslovimo? S solzami v očeh smo se poslovile od naših finskih sošolcev, po licih so nam lile solze, tudi našim finskim prijateljem. Skupaj z nami so čakali na prevoz, nakar smo se s šoferjem zmenili, da nas zapelje v mesto, pridobili smo si še malo časa za druženje. Seveda sta tudi tisti »ubogi uri« čisto prehitro minili. Ob prihodu domov nas je na mizi pričakalo okusno kosilo, profesor najlepša Vam hvala! Bile smo kar pridne, stanovanje smo deloma pospravile že včeraj, malo prej pa smo pospravile še srednjo sobo, sedaj pa pričakujemo dve češki študenti, ki bosta prebivali v našem stanovanju. Samo še spat, jutri bo naporen dan. Slovenija, se vidimo jutri!  
Nadvse čustven dan. Že včeraj zvečer smo zaspale s solzami v očeh. Trije tedni so namreč minili,  še preden smo se uspele zavedati vpliva te izmenjave na naša življenja.  Preden smo za tri tedne zapustile svoje družine, smo si v glavi izmislile različne scenarije. Polarni mraz, meter ali dva snega, obupno mrzle noči, zelo naporni urniki, zamude avtobusov, grozna hrana ipd. Nikakor pa nobena od nas ni pričakovala tako nepozabne izkušnje. Danes smo s seboj v šolo vzele cel paket robčkov, ki jih mimogrede ni več. S sošolcema Allujem in Jeretom smo se po pouku odpravile na kavo. Čakali smo na avtobus, na tabli voznega reda je do prihoda našega avtobusa ostalo še nekaj kratkih minut. Ne želimo oditi. Tukajšnji ljudje so nam omogočili izredno osebnostno rast, vsaka izmed nas je uspela razširiti svoja obzorja, izkušnja je nepozabna. Trenutno še nismo zmožne opisati svoje občutke, čisto preveč si kar nekako obupano želimo ostati tukaj. Pišemo blog, po licih nam še kar polzijo »krokodilje« solzice. Pogrešale bomo tisto čisto sproščeno vzdušje v šoli, pa da ne boste mislili, da smo lenarili. Čeprav večino časa z nami ni bilo mentorja, saj je imel dodatno delo, smo stvari opravili. Pogrešale bomo večere preživete z ljudmi, ki poznajo samo »pozitivo«; pogrešale bomo mentorja, ki nas je fenomenalno usmerjal ter nam dal dodatno motivacijo za uresničitev svojih življenjskih ciljev. Predvsem bomo pogrešale miselnost tukajšnjih ljudi, ki ne gledajo na videz, poznajo le dobroto, so dobri poslušalci, čisto nesebični, to so ljudje, ki živijo drug za drugega. Ljudje, ki so navajeni trdega dela, medsebojnega spoštovanja in sodelovanja. Zato se zahvaljujemo projektu Erasmus+, Srednji medijski in grafični šoli Ljubljana, gospe ravnateljici Ani Šterbenc, profesorju Vladimirju Janežu, kakor tudi profesorju Pezdevšku ter Planincu, da sta poskrbela za varno pot na Finsko in nazaj domov, hvala, da ste nam omogočili to izkušnjo. Zahvala gre tudi našim družinam, ker ste nas spodbujali na naši poti ter trpeli z nami, ko je bilo še posebej težko. Hvala tudi Vam, da ste virtualno potovali z nami.

Kaj smo se poleg celotnega poteka snemanja in snemanja samega ter mnogo drugih stvari še naučile v teh treh tednih? Da so veliki ljudje tisti, ki vedo, da je duhovna moč močnejša od materialnega, saj svetu vladajo samo in zgolj misli.

Hvala tudi Vam finski sošolci! Hvala, da z nami pišete našo zgodbo. 
Guys, see you in a minute ❤

Neža, Ana in Julija

Finska snežinka 20

3. 2. 2017

Petek. Prišli smo h koncu našega bivanja. Bilo je fantastično in neprecenljivo lepo. Žal nam je , ker ne moremo istati dlje saj so nam naši sošolci res prirasli k srcu. Najtežje se je bilo od njih posloviti in tekle so solze želja, da jih še kdaj srečamo. Jutri letimo nazaj domov zato smo današnji dan preživele kar se da lepo. V šoli smo postavili nove luči, stare stvari pa smo pospravili v skladišče. Naredili smo skupinsko sliko, se še zadnjč poslovili in odšli na kavo z dvema sošolcema. Ob čakanju na trolo so se nam zavrteli nazaj vsi spomini na stvari, ki smo jih počele tu. Zadnjič smo se povzpele na trolo in zapustile center Tamper ter se odpravile v stanovanje kjer so nas že čakali izvrstni špageti, ki jih je pripravil profesor Planinc.
Slike današnjega dne se žal nočejo naložiti.
Izmenjava nam bo ostala močno v spominu. Kot pravijo: Oditi je potrebno, ko je najlepše.

Näkemiin Suomi, moi Slovenia.
Nasvidenje Finska, živjo Slovenija.

četrtek, 02. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 6

So today we went to the school where they are preparing the film festival for next week and I must say that they are very nice. We didn't do much as we couldn't help them but we looked around and got familiar with the place as we are going to be working there. After that we went to Lafayette where we played pool again, then we attended one of the photography classes where we took some portrait photos and developed film from analog cameras, which was very interesting as we don't do that in our school. We met some students which didn't know how to speak english so it was hard to comunicate and get things done but in the end we got the job done. They have a big photography studios with a lot of equipment. They have the best cameras and lenses and professional lighting. When we finnished Nadia drove us home. The rest of the day we relaxed and got some rest as we have a big day tomorrow. Otherwise today was very productive and fun.

Proti koncu..

Včeraj zvečer so nas sošolci povabili na poslovilno »sleepover« zabavo. Še zadnjič smo se res podružili, preteklo je kar nekaj solzic tako na slovenski, kakor tudi na finski strani, saj so se med nami v teh treh tednih spletle res trdne prijateljske vezi, za katere smo prepričane, da se bodo tekom let zgolj še krepile. Večer nam je pričaral neverjetne spomine, ki bodo po našem odhodu dobili še večji pomen, sprva bo težko. Tako smo se tudi zjutraj skupaj odpravili v šolo. Danes pa smo se razdelili v dve skupini, posneti smo morali dva kratka igrana filma. Naša skupina je snemala film o fantu, ki potuje skozi čas. Ni potrebno posebej poudarjati, da je bil tudi današnji dan poln smeha. Najbolj bomo pogrešale to »pozitivo« v ekipi, saj se s takšnimi ljudmi vsaka ovira zdi premagljiva. Na koncu dneva smo našemu mentorju podarile majhno malenkost, prave idrijske čipke. Nad darilom je bil navdušen, zarosile so se mu oči. Povedal nam je, da je kar 8 let življenja preživel na ladji, naše čipke pa so v obliki morskega konjička, z veseljem je povedal, da se bo sedaj ob pogledu na morje spomnil na nas, ponosen je na naše delo  ter nadvse prijetno presenečen nad vzdušjem v razredu, profesor Juha nam je prirasel k srcu, saj je očitno, da svoje poslanstvo opravlja s srcem ter je mentor v pravem pomenu besede. Poslovili smo se, sošolci so morali opraviti delo še v montaži, nam pa je profesor dovolil oditi domov. Popoldan ter večer smo namenile pakiranju in pospravljanju, saj jutri dobimo nove sostanovalke, jutrišnji dan pa bomo namenile še druženju s sošolci, saj jih bomo res pogrešale. Proti koncu res vse skupaj mineva čisto prehitro, ura našega odhoda se neustavljivo približuje. Se slišimo…
Vaše Finke Julija, Ana, Neža

Profesor Juha 

Jere boi in Allu (za ožent)

Stric iz ozadja 

Melvin in Iro

Reaching for the stars 

Nea in Ana

Finsk asnežinka 19

2. 2. 2017

Evo pa smo koncali še zadni četrtek. Vreme je bilo kar vredu, temperatura pa prijetno hladna -1°C. Danes je bil zadnji dan s profesorjem Juho in zato smo mu podarile naše darilo - doma narejene čipke, ki sem jih prinesla od doma. Na zadnjo stran okvirja smo se vse podpisale. Ob predaji je skoraj pritekla kakšna solzica saj smo se res imeli fino. Profesor je dejal, da, ko bo pogledal naše darilo, se bo spomnil na nas in na morje, saj ena izmed čipk predstavlja morskega konjička. Juha je se dodal, da ima zelo rad morje tako, da smo bile vesele, da mu je bilo darilo všeč. Kasneje smo se razdelili v dve skupini in pričeli z delom. Snemali smo kratki igrani film na temo čas (fin. aika). Vsi smo se zelo zabavali in na plan so prišle nore ideje, ki smo jih poizkušali uresničiti. Za kosilo smo si pripravile riž v finskem slogu :). Res je škoda, ker bomo kmalu odšli, vsem nam je tukaj tako lepo, da bi še kar rade ostale.

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 5

Okay okay so today we had a very very lazy day, but it turned out in a way nobody expected.
Nadia picked us up to go to a pre-press printing and graphic design factory. I mean it was interesting to see, the million euros worth of printing machines, but we're all interested in film and stuff so it wasn't really anything jaw dropping for us, plus we were still kind of tired. but then Nadia took us somewhere that changed our day pretty much. The Memphis cafe - a 1950's America themed restaurant that looks absolutely amazing. The restaurant was filled with tiny little details and posters and such, to really give you that 50's feel. Plus the food was just amazing and we were happy. There was also this black ball of fur that was barking and running around and it was really super cute. After that we went home and had a rest, and Robin told us to meet him at the centre at 7pm but we all kind of fell asleep so Robin and the gang had to wait for us... again. So i guess you could say it was a good day.

sreda, 01. februar 2017

Spet se javljamo! Danes je bil dan čisto sproščen… Dela ni bilo nekaj veliko, saj smo imeli obisk učencev, ki se bodo oddelku za avdiovizualne komunikacije tukaj na TREDU, pridružili naslednje leto. Tako smo dan namenili snemalnim vajam ter druženju z našimi dobrimi finskimi prijatelji. Po pouku pa smo se na postaji počakale profesorja Planinca, nato pa smo se skupaj odpravili proti domu. Ker pa dan res ni bil prenaporen, se sedaj od vas poslavljamo, saj nam sošolci pripravljajo poslovilno zabavo. Upam, da tudi vi uživate kakor mi! Prilagamo pa vam še slikovno dokazilo, da boste lahko prepričani o naši »uživanciji«!

Skupaj posnele dober kader

"Neža, tkole morš no! Dej me posluši, js vem use."
"Jaja, ti boš men govorla."

Jere boyyyy

Delo v režiji


Julija na delovnem mestu, danes so nas zasuli z delom 

Sestanek po snemanju

Finska snežinka 18

1. 2. 2017

Pa je za nami še en uspešen dan. Z nami je bil zopet profeaor Juha. Dan se je začel s sestankom in obrazložitvijo. V marcu bodo na šoli polno zaposleni in zato je bil sestanek malo daljši, saj jim je profesor moral o tem malo več povedati. Po sestanku smo začeli s snemanjem. Posneli smo 3 pogovore s kratko vsebino. Tako je vsak lahko poizkusil kar de sedaj še ni mogel oz mu je bilo najljubše. Sledil je odnor za kosilo. Po kosilu smo se zbrali v studiu in Juha nam je obrazložil kako deluje zajemanje slike na kameri ter kaj vse je potrebno, da se slika pojavi na televiziji. Po nazorni razlagi in narisani skici smo se lotili dela - postavljati smo pričeli novo kabeljsko vez med režijo in tv ekrani. Tako se je studio popolnoma spremenil - zavese so se odgrnile, tv ekrani so se prestavili in dobili novo vlogo in položili so se novi kabli.
Jutri v šolo nesemo naše darilo - čipke.