nedelja, 29. januar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 2

So I'm not sure how the consistency of the interesting things happening will keep up, because today was seriously awesome.
After we'd woken up because of Samo's furious screaming at random stuff and had breakfast, we called Nadia (our caretaker or second mom if you will (she's a real sweetiepie (probably the nicest person in France))) and she took us to the city centre where we met up with prof. Janež and we checked out the flea market and believe me when I say this, you could probably get the teddy bear that Napoleon used to have when he was a kid. It smelt of everything and it seemed dirty, Dragan felt at home. After that little trip, we went home and had lunch, had some problems with the way how life works in the kitchen.
Samo and Dragan went to take a nap... Again and so me and Miha decided to go check out a cool grafitti spot that was literally 30m away from where we live. Nadia told us that the mayor of the city supports young people and their means of expressing themselves so things like grafitti and other forms of art are really widespread in the city. We'll attach some pictures so you can see for yourselves. Then we told Nadia to take us to a famous grafitti spot she told us about, so we rushed home and woke up Samo and Dragan and when we got to the place it would blow anyone's mind.
I can't even call this grafitti but it's more like a fresque running along a tramway sistem for 1 kilometer and the best thing is, Nadia managed to give us the opportunity to meet the artist that made the 1km piece of art, so we're really excited for that.
Tomorrow we're going to the Lafayette school for the first time and meeting the students so that should be interesting.
Right now we're going to play poker and probably eat some water (we don't have anything else to eat so I'm just making it sound like we have food).
Ps. i really need to learn how to make outros to the blog, and as each day passes they're probably going to get even worse.
Bye?... let me check google how to make an outro for a blog.
Come back tomorrow to read what are the top 10 ways to put on a foundation... no that's not it..
I should stop.