ponedeljek, 30. januar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 3

So today we actually had to wake up which was refreshing, because it was the first time we went to the Lafayette school. Nadia took us there and we met the principle and she made us coffee and the coffee was really good... maybe it was so good just because of the fact that I didn't have breakfast yet.
Nadia then gave us a tour of the school and it was nothing we've seen before. The whole school teritory is as big as my home village and im not even exaggerating. The school is built to look like a colloseum and we even found a room made just for table soccer and a room made just for pool, so we played pool with some students. 
We were really surprised when we had to introduce ourselves to a class, and most of the students aren't really fluent in english, but there was one girl who just blew our minds because her english was perfect and it was really cool. Then we had to prepare a presentation of Slovenia and us, and we thought we could do that in about an hour, but the french keyboards are azerty instead of the regular qwertz keyboards we are used in Slovenia so we didn't even manage to finish the presentation and so we have to finish it by the end of the week.
After all that Nadia took us to a Eleclerc so we could finally buy some food as we were pretty much living from water and coffee for the past day or so. After that we just went home and that was pretty much it for the day. Nadia told us that she is going to take us to an exhibition in the afternoon, so we have free time for half a day and so we're probably go to school and play pool and hang out with the students.
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Lafayette high school


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