petek, 27. januar 2017

ERASMUS France, Clermont Ferrand


My name is Dragan Spasovski and on the 28th of January I'll be going to Clermont-Ferrand. I'm in my junior year at the Srednja Medijska in Grafična Šola Ljubljana and I've been looking forward to this for about two years now. I am very excited and eager to finally go.

I love everything about photography, film and animation. The school that we will be going to is called Lafayette High School and from what I've read on the internet it seems that it will never get boring and there will be a lot of new things that I'll learn. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and learning about France and the people that live there.

As of now, I have already packed my bag and I'll be going to bed in about 15 minutes so that I can get some rest before we leave. The bus to Zagreb leaves at 04:50 in the morning and I need to be well-rested.

Goodnight :)

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