petek, 27. januar 2017

ERASMUS France, Clermont Ferrand


My name is Miha Jan Strehovec and tomorrow I'm flying to Clermont Ferrand. I'm a junior student at Srednja medijska in grafična šola Ljubljana. When I saw that France is on the list of countries for the Erasmus exchange program, I immediately applied as I love travelling and exploring new countries and their culture. 

I'm going to be attending Lafayette High school in a student city called Clermont Ferrand and I hope that I can learn new skills, meet new people and explore France. I've been in love with film making and photography since I was in middle school, and I'm very happy that I got the opportunity to travel abroad and learn new things. 

Right now I'm packing my last things and testing all of my equipment (there's a lot of it). Tomorrow we're flying to Paris at 9am and then from Paris to Clermont Ferrand, we should arrive at 13:40.

For now that is all,


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