sreda, 08. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 11


this is our 11th day in France and we are still learning new things about the people and the culture. You know that little stereotype, that the French are dirty? Well it's true, today on our way to get bread we found human feces laying in the middle of the street and this isn't even the first time. After we ate breakfast we went to The Atelier, today we spent a lot of time in the stop motion animation workshop. We met two students who were working on a short clip for a music video, one of them was from Clermont Ferrand and the other one was from Columbia. They were very nice and were happy to tell us everything we wanted to know. They were animating boiling oil and they even let us help them, it was very fun and interesting. They told us how to animate with clay, that you have to be careful how you position the lights and that it is important from which perspective you are shooting. It was fun to see the progress throughout the day. Samo and Dragan went home by bus but me and Bor decided to walk home as the streets of Clermont Ferrand are very interesting. There is a lot of grafitti and many interesting stores. It's always fun to explore new cities see new streets and experience the city in a different way.

Au revoir,

Miha, Bor, Dragan, Samo

Dragan helping with the stopmotion animation
Boiling oil animation
On the left is the student from Columbia
and on the right is the student from Clermont Ferrand.

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