nedelja, 12. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 15

Today was the last day of the Clermont-Ferrand film festival. Parties are being thrown, people are celebrating the success that the festival was. For me personally the festival was an eye opener. I have heard a lot about film festivals and their cinematagraphic value from our professor mag. Boštjan Miha Jambrek. Short movies I saw were mostly very lacking in the story aspect, but they redemeed themselves in composition, well cut shots and gorgeous color grading. 
Seeing the actual movies was quite difficult, since we had to be at the avenue the movie was playing at ATLEAST one hour before it started, if you came 45 minutes or 30 minutes before the screening, the line for the avenue was already too long and you were removed by the employees. This happened a few times and resulted in us and our french friend Robin (who was our guest in Slovenia a few months back) running through the city to the other avenue, hoping it's not completely filled. Usual screening lasted about 90 minutes and was contained 4-8 short movies, but there were a few exceptions. I would recommend this festival to anyone that can appreciate good cinematography (emphasis on the "good"), but doesn't really care about storytelling.
Au revoir, Samo.

This is the film festival banner,
it is all over Clermont-Ferrand

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