sobota, 11. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 14

Today was a very nice day, it was warm and sunny. Nadia decided to take us to the Puy-de-Dome which is 1.465m high. We took a train all the way to the top, the return ticket cost 10€, which is expensive for a 15 minute train ride. When we came to the top we were very suprised as there was snow and we haven't seen snow for the whole time while in Clermont Ferrand. Fun fact abour Puy-de-Dome, it's actually an inactive volcano which is pretty awesome. And the view from the top, was incredible - we saw the whole Clermont Ferrand from the top. It was very windy and cold so we couldn't stay there for a long time but we managed to see everything that there is. There's also a foundation of a Roman temple which they are going to rebuild in the future. After that Samo and Dragan went to the gym and me and Bor went to the store. When we came home we realised that Samo and Dragan have both keys to the house. We thought that we were going to be locked out for 2 hours but then I found an opened window so we climbed through.
The edge of the mountain

The mountain cantine and dining area.
The view from atop

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