petek, 03. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 7

Good evening people on Blogger, today was a very interesting day for us at Lafayette. We met three different classes and it was really interesting to see the English knowledge gap between each one. We had to present ourselves and our home country. The presentations went well, the first one was ok because it was our first and we were not warmed up and kind of lost. The second one was the best, we had the most fun. We showed Bor & Miha's youtube channels and the kids in the classroom had a good laugh and we had one as well. The last one was the worst one because we were tierd and saying something three times in the span of 3 hours is very exhausting. After that Miha, Bor and Samo went home with Nadia while I stayed and played pool at the Cantina. I made a new friend, his name is Michael. We played pool for 3 hours. He beat me 2-1. After that I took the bus home. Then we all slept and now we are going out with Robin and his copains :).