sreda, 01. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 4

Bonjour, It's our fifth day in France, we couldn't write a blog yesterday beacuse we came home late, as we were hanging out with Robin and his friends. Earlier in the day we went to Lafayette high school to play some pool, Layafette it's actually insane they have a huge gym theyr own outside basketball/football court, dorms, pool area and I could go on. After we destroyed everybody in pool we went to a art exhibition with Nadia. We saw photos of an artist, whos name I don't even remember anymore, but he took amazing portrait photos of rugby players, gypsies, coal miners etc. After that we went to the city centre to buy buss tickets, where we had a lot of complicantions and I wont even start to explain them, all you need to know is that we were "punim" robbed by a photo machine. After we sorted that out we went home to eat and get ready to go out with Robin. We came home at about 11pm and we were so tired we just went to sleep. And know were getting ready to start our fifth day in Clermont Ferrand. Au revoir.

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