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ERASMUS+ France, Clermont-Ferrand day 12

So today we didn't have much planned, so I'm just going to present you the "unusual" or "different" things of Clermont-Ferrand. The first and probably the most noticable thing is the grafitti. They have a much different policy about grafitti here than in Slovenia. And I'm not talking about the vandalist type of grafitti (without any meaning or just random racial slurs), I'm talking about real art pieces running along typical french architecture. There is a really cute house not far from where we live and the whole house is painted in grafitty. Different styles, different artists, different meanings but all of it together merging in one huge art piece. I've made it as an objective for myself, to document all the grafitti of Clermont-Ferrand. And the reason behind all the grafitti is their mayor is really supportive of young people. He believes in kids being the future of the city so he wants to pay young people of Clermont kind of a monthly wage to help them live and buy food and pay for their schools so I think that is really really cool. We're also thinking of maybe doing an interview with Nadia because she's always telling us these interesting things about the city so i think it would make a really good interview.
The first thing you would notice, coming to Clermont from Slovenia is probably the traffic. I think because there are so many people living in Clermont, the police doesen't even bother with small felonies like crossing the red light, or making a wrong turn and such, so you see people running across streets between cars like it's normal. We also witnessed a car going the wrong way on the road and i was sure he was going to cause an accident but he didn't and nobody even cared about him.
And the last thing I'm going to talk about is the army. In Slovenia you maybe see one or two police officers in the city on a normal day, but here in Clermont you see soldiers with guns walking around the streets. When I first saw them i was super scared. I was hanging out with two local friends and I looked to my left and saw 9 soldiers with guns and I was seriously concerned and scared but the friends I was with were looking at me funny because it's just a normal thing here. A friend told me something along the lines of an assasination taking place or something like that but I'm not too sure about that and I'm going to ask more about that.
That's kind of it for this blog,
Best regards, Bor

Grafitti of Clermont

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