sobota, 18. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 21

So, this is kind of sad. Today is our last day in France and I must say I will definetly miss it. Even more than France I will miss my new friends, I've definetly made a lot of new powerful friendships. I will also miss Nadia scratch that I already miss her. She is our second mother and we love her so much. Today was really a sad day for me, we were free for most of the day, we just had to return our lunch cards for Lafayette and that was it. We went shoping one last time in Jaude which was very fun. Other than that we didn't do much, we cleaned the house and in the evening we surpirsed Nadia with some flowers and she was very happy. We had a nice chat late into the night. I will definetly remember this evening. I hope Nadia will come to Slovenia so we can show her our country and be her mentor in a way. I definitely want to see these guys again, Robin and two of his friends are coming to Slovenia in August and to be honest I can't wait. Besides all of that it really was a life changing experience, I've learnt a lot of new things and not just in our field of study but about life in general and I will cherish this knowledge for ever. Well this is it for us, we are done no more blogs for us. I would like to thank everybody that helped make this exchange possible from the bottom of my heart.
Oh and Nadia if you are readying this, THANK YOU again really, because of you this experience was 100 times better. Also I hope that the house was clean enough.



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