petek, 10. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 13

So it's our thirteenth day in France and we are still having fun and learning new things. Today we we're at L'Atelier again (Atelier means workshop, if anybody was wondering) and today I spent a lot of time at the ARTFX workshop as I'm very interested in what they are doing and how are they making it. I was talking to two students one of them was making a 3D character in a 3D sculpting program and he showed me all of the layers needed to create a game character. He also showed me all of the textures, that he created just for this character, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a 3D character for a game. He even let me try the program out and of course I was completly lost as I have never used this program before, but I can't wait to come back home to Slovenia so I can learn to use the program. The other student I was talking to was the same one from my first day at L'Atelier, he was drawing. a huge scary forest that looked like a level in a awesome game. He was using Photoshop and he was almost done as he has been working on it from day one. He was drawing on a Wacom graphic tablet with a special pen. He was so nice that he let me try and draw something on his masterpiece, but of course it wasn't nearly as good as his. When we finished we went to the cheapest kebab place, well it wasn't cheap at all as we payed 7€ for a kebab that was rubbish. I'm very excited for tomorrow as we are going to go on a mountain, and I think we all need to leave the city and get some fresh air.
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ARTFX student drawing on
a Wacom tablet

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