petek, 17. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 20

Today was a very interesting day. We once again went to Lafayette where we attented graphic design class, We were given an assigment to make a poster for an opening of a restaurant. We could only use cyan and brown, aslo we had to fit 200~ words in the poster. At first the assigment seemed easy, but we were very soon proven otherwise. We worked in pairs and had one hour to get the assigment done. I must admit that we had some problems communicating with the students, BUT we still finished the assigment successfully and the finished pieces looked almost 100% professional.
After graphic design class we had lunch, played some pool and got ready for our next class. We were told it's going to be drawing class, but it turned out that it was actually a class that revolved around photoshop. We were told to combine animals and landscapes in a cool looking manner that would grab the audiences attention. I must proudly say that we succeeded(picture below). It turned out the professor who had us, was a very successful illustrator, his drawings were absolutely gorgeus and almost life like(at first I thought he was showing us his photos, nope they were drawings).
After class I visited the cathedral and climbed to the top tower in Robin in Zack, it was absolutely gorgeous, you can see the whole Clermont-Ferrand and all the way to Lyon. Beautiful.
Aur revoir, Samo.

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