nedelja, 05. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 8 and 9

So this weekend was very lazy so we decided to combine both days into one blog. Yesterday we went to a film class so we could meet the students we'll be working with on the film project. After that we went to eat some French cuisine, we ate the classic kebab, only Dragan seemed to enjoy it. Then we went home and just hung out in our living room for the rest of the day, watching movies and playing cards. Today we woke up at about 10, ate breakfast and then me and Bor went out to take some photos. After that we went home and edited what we shot for about 2 hours. Then we had dinner, noodles as usual not very healthy but cheap and easy to make. Then Samo went out to meet some of his friends and they went to watch some short films at the festival , sadly we couldn't go beacuse we don't have the cards yet. We're slowly adapting to the people and the culture, we definetly appreciate people who speak atleast a little bit of English more than we did at the start. Tomorrow is going to be intense as we start at 9am and finnish at 4pm.

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