petek, 17. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 19

Today we went to the national television station of Clermont-Ferrand where we met madam Natalie. She is one of two main reporters on the TV station, She and her colleague Patrick, that is one of the cameraman on the station. Natalia and Patrick have worked with one of  the most important people in the world, including Nelson Mandela. They were the main reporters on his election day.
When we first met Natalie and Patrick we were given their camera and asked to make some shots (the camera was worth 40,000€!). We filmed some test interviews and then reviewed the footage together with Natalie and Patrick. They told us some camera tricks, that go unnoticed but are crucial when filming. Patrick and Natalie asked us if we'd like to help set up a scene for an interview/photo shoot for a cosplayer that was on his way to the station. We happily obliged.
Just as we finished setting up the scene the cosplayer arrived. He was (and still is!) being followed on his journey to Switzerland, where he will be attending an internationall cosplay event.
After the shoot we got to play with a proffesional photo camera of one of the photographers (just the body of the camera costs 5,000€!). And I must say that the second you see the photo you took, you know where all that money went when you bought the camera. Absolutely amazing.
With that our time at the station has run out, so we headed home, where we got ready for a dinner with madam Nadia, Robin and Zack.
Madam Nadia took us to a very fancy restaurant in the middle of the city, where we ate Tartiflette. We were very surprised by the taste of it, because it tastes exactly like musaka! After the main dish, we ordered some(delicious) desserts, a beautiful way to finish our day. We headed home and collapsed into a food coma.
Aur revoir, Samo!

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