sreda, 15. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 18

Today was not really the usual day. Me and Miha were grouped with a journalist Natalie and her cameraman Patrick, while Dragan and Samo went somewhere with a class. We had to do a report on two teens who want to become the best sheperds and are training for a big competition in paris. We had to drive 55km to a school for farmers in a Slovenian looking village. There are 600 students in the school, but the school area is huge as they have their own barns and fields and such.
First off we had to shoot some scenes in the classroom, but then we went to the barn where the sheep were. So right as we came to the barn there was a sheep giving birth and two students had to get the baby out. It was a long and bloody process and I still can't get the image out of my mind. So while that was happening, me and Miha found a really cute lamb, which we hanged out with until something happened. I'd witnessed the full cycle of life. The beauty of birth and the iciness of death. It happened like this. We were petting the lamb when suddenly a teacher ran next to us and in his hand, he was holding a newborn lamb by the legs. The whole thing happened in about 2 seconds, the first second went by with me thinking "oooh how cute, now they just have to clean it off and it's set to live life like the lamb it is" and the second second went by with me realising it was dead and the teacher giving CPR to it. Great way to start the day i tell you. After that little mixup the competing students had to successfully complete some exercises with the sheep and we took some pictures.
We had lunch with the teachers and what seemed interesting to me is that they had a lot of different types of cheese and they present it as dessert. Natalie and Patrick then showed us their tv station and how they edit their videos and it was really cool to see. Patrick let me edit some footage we filmed today and it was really fun. Tomorrow we're all going with Natalie and Patrick to interview a cosplayer, and I'm really excited about that.
Right now I need to clean my shoes from all the dirt and what-not from the barn and also we need to clean the house because tomorrow our principal and a teacher are coming and the house in its current condition doesen't even look like anything letalone a house.
Bor signing out.

Sheep witing for food

Natalie interviewing a student
Sheep barn
Patrick and his 60.000€ cameraa
Bor petting Francis II

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