torek, 14. februar 2017

ERASMUS+ France, Clermont Ferrand DAY 17

Today we went filming at 8:00 with our friends from Blaise Pascal. It was really hard for us because their equipment is obsolete copared to ours. We had lots of problems with the filming of our projects because of this. In fact Bor and Miha didn't film theirs while me and Samo somehow managed to film it. We had to film portraits of each other. We had to portray the french as we saw them and they had to portray us. Funny thing is that we learnd that they are way more creative than us.  But maybe it was because we are not used to waking up so early. I also learned that burning a burger with fire is not a good idea if you are holding it in your hand. Samo made our friend Elie walk into water for our portrait which was fun, he didnt mind though. Either way we had fun conquering the challenge that was the camera equipment and we were proud of the project that we filmed. We spent the rest of the day reminiscing upon the two weeks that we just spent in France and thinking about our last week here. 
Au revoir, Dragan.

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