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10. & 11. day in Tartu, Estonia

We decided to join yesterdays and todays blog in one post since we didn't do much yesterday.

So yestrday, Sunday, 6. September 2016 we stayed in the whole day. We woke up around 9 and looked outside the window. We realized that it is extremely cold because we also openede our window so we decided to stay in. We did however work on some of the homeworks we've gotten over the past week.

Today, Monday, 7. November 2016 we woke up in the morning, finished all the morning necessities and went to school. The schedule was the same as it was the last monday so we had to finish the live model painting and than the plastic art class.

One of their clasrooms

Nika sitting in the place our live model sat at

And this is what happens when we wait for our teacher

In the plactis art class, as I mentioned in last weeks Monday blog post we got homework and it was to think of a few ideas for a good deed award. We did our homework and in class the teacher checked our work, talk us trought it and told us which ideas were good and which bad. He explained to us how to work on them, how to make them better and gave us even a little more confidence with our work in his class.
Some of our sketches

Also with every class we go to, we notice that the work and classes are much more relaxed. Don't get me wrong, personally we are both used to and like our sistem better because it has a bit more disciplne, but here the classes are a bit more relaxed and with less 'strict' rules, which is of course also good for this kind of school but for us, since we're not used to it it is quite new.

When we finished off with the day, Zoe, our friend came to school because she had some classes but also to see us. She surprised us with Estonian chocolates, one for me and one for Nika and honestly we were both so surprised and happy that we have the chance to have this lovely girl as our friend. Each chocolate has a legend behind it, based on the character that's on the chocolate, so interesting! So thank you Zoe again! We tasted one of the chocolates and they taste amaying!
delicious Estonian chocolate from Zoe <3

Tomorrow me, Nika and Zoe are going on a trip to Tallin! We are so excited and ready for the city. Be prepared for a longer post with better and more pictures tomorrow! 
Till next time,
Nika, Anastasija.

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