ponedeljek, 14. november 2016

18th day in Tartu, Estonia

Day 18, Monday, 14. November 2016.

Me and Nika can't believe we're already on the last week of this stay. Not even a week, only 5 days to go! 

We started this Monday aroung 9 and arrived at school at 10:30. We had to finish the bird project; the coloring part. We first got our project from our supervisor's office. Than we got some colored pencils and water colours and started to finish our work. We finished around 3 and when we're done, we left our works in the office and went home.

When we arrived home we made lunch and got some rest. At 18:00 we decided to go out again, to the city. We first went to a few shops and after that went to a coffe shop. On the way to the coffe shop we passed the town hall and basically the centre of Tartu. We also saw the big Christmas tree! We were so excited! It wasn't up yet, it was just layed out but it made us so happy, that we got to see a bit of their Christmas tradition. Hopefully we'll even get a chance to see the actuall tree go up!

Anastasija, Nika.

(due to really slow internet, we couldn't include pictures, we will be updating this post tomorrow)

written by: Anastasija Spirovska

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