sobota, 05. november 2016

9th day in Tartu, Estonia

Saturday, day 9, 5. November 2016

We woke earlier today since we went to bed early last night. We got up around 8:00 and that really surprised us because for school we almost cry when we hear our alarm clocks at 8:00 and today we woke up on our own. I guess our bodies got used to the time and woke up on it's own thinking we might be late to class. Also there was a bit of sun in the morning but it was still very cold!

We did however stay in bed for some time because we knew we had nothing to do. We did make plans thought and those were to go out after lunch to the city and visit the outside of the Art museum, that's leaning like the Pisa tower (yes you read that correctly!), buy some souvenirs and when the sun goes down go to a shopping mall.

A bit of sunlight!

Before leaving to go on the bus we decided to take the Osmo we borrowed from school and film our walk around Tartu. So as we said we first visited the leaning art house and it honestly looks soo interesting and amazing how  building can spark up a city.

Next stop was the souvenir shop. We both spent some money but bought things for the whole family and even for ourselves! The sun has gone down as we finished with our shopping and we head back to the bus stop where we took another bus and went to a shopping mall a little further away from the city centre. We looked around and made some plans what to buy next week, since we don't want to spent too much money in one day. When we circeled almost the whole mall we also went into Rimi, a grocery shop where we bought some Estonian chocolate for some family members and friends and than head to the bus stop.
Usually I would check the bus app to see when a bus would arrive but it started acting up so we just went to the exit (the bus stop is really close to the exit) and saw the bus; we ran and caught it! Than we arrived home and watched a movie and of course wrote this blog post!
The weather was cloudy with a bit of sunshine in the morning hours, the temperature was -1,4C.

Thank you for reading!
Anastasija Spirovska & Nika Rijavec

(you may enjoy some more pictures from the city)

we know how to use Osmo correctly, we promise!


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