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5th day in Estonia, Tartu


Day 5, 1. November 2016 started a bit later than yesterday's. We got up at around 9 because the plan for today was to go to an Art House, because there were no classes at the school suitable for us and the Print museum(also a place we will be spending our practice time at) was closed. But when I woke up I checked my phone and saw a message from my friend Zoe, it said that the Art House was closed aswell, and that really showed us no luck for today because we first had plans to go to an Art Museum or the Toy museum but it turned out all museum in Tartu are closed on Monday's and Tuesday's. But that didn't stop us from having a fun and interesting day! We dediced we will go to the Tartu Botanical Garden instead. We had some more time, but we still rushed a bit and this morning disaster happened!

Nika spilt her milk(piim)&coffe

After the minor 'disaster' we got dressed and ran to the bus stop, thinking we would miss the bus, but this time, the first time as we are here the bus was late a few minutes and we didn't miss it!

Waiting for our bus!

When the bus arrived we first drove to our school and our friend Zoe joined us for the day on the second bus stop. At the school we had to pick up a paper that said me and Nika study at the Tartu Kunstikooli. We needed it because in many art museum's and gallery's art students get a free pass, and we might use it in the future days, when we have time and the museums work. After that, instead of riding the bus we walked to the city, since the city was about 15 minutes away. We walked trought the city and stopped at the very centre, where Tartu's town hall is. 
A quick photo stop in the 'mini forest park' near the school 

The pink and red building is the town house

In front of the town house we saw the famous Kissing students statue. Right now, we don't have much information about it, but as soon as we find some more infroation on why it was built and the story behind it, we will make sure to update you all on that!
The kissing students statue and us taking super tourist-y pictures in front of it

When we finished with the photo session in the city, we continued to walk to the botanical garden. When we first arrived to the garden, we took a walk on the outside of the garden. Not many flowers were alive, since it was quite cold and it had snowed the previus day and a week before, but at least we got the feel of how big it is.

Next we went inside, since we were quite cold from our walk from the school to there. We got our tickets and entered the garden. The firs room we entered was really humid and warmer than outside, of course because the plants need to survive. The garden was beautiful and not too big which was good. We saw little fishes, turtles that hid from us when we wanted to capture them and a few little parrots and birds.
Selfie with our Estonian friend Zoe
The garden also had winding stairs that lead to the garden upstairs. On top we found a little table and sat at it and rested for a while, enjoyed the plants and chatted a bit.

Zoe, me and Nika then thought that was it and we were ready to leave, but we also found another room with cactuses only. That room was a bit colder and not so humid. After the cactus room we took the stairs down and went into another room with just regular, some in a way 'exotic' plants. In that room we also found a really interesting and beautiful map of the world, that presented where their flowers are from.  
Filming some clips for our short movie we will be making

The garden was a great place to find some peace

Look, I found Slovenia!

And after that, we talked back to the city and went to the main  bus stop, where we bought our tickets for Tallin for next week! Me and Nika are so excited to go there and do some exploring there aswell! After that we took the bus home, said goodbye to Zoe and arrived home. We cooked some lunch(pasta if anyone wanted to know) and spent a nice evening inside. Tomorrow, we are going back to school and going to a Print preparation class; it starts at 9 and ends at 16:00. Hope we survive!

The weather was cloudy, not too cold, around 1C.
Till next time(tomorrow),

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