četrtek, 17. november 2016

21st day in Tartu, Estonia

Day 21, Thursday, 17. November 2016.

We cannot believe tomorrow's our last day in Tartu. 

We started today earlier than we needed to be at school because we had to pack. We got up and made some tea, coffee and ate breakfast and the packing party started. Personally, I packed and re-packed about 3 times because the first time around I wasn't sure how to put everything in, the second time I forgot to pack 2 sweaters but in the end I managed. Nika had no trouble fitting all of her things in. However the packing did take quite some of our time and we nearly forgot to go to school today. 

But we did get dressed on time and left to go to school. When we arrived, we realized that our teacher for today is not in school this week and we didn't have to come. But than we stayed at school for a bit and than walked to the city (about 10 minutes). We visited some of the shops again, for the very last time and also went to the city center. They we're just putting the christmas lights on the town house and it was so beautiful and magical. We also saw the trees we saw a few days ago and later on found out that those trees are just up to make a little Christmas wonderland in the centre.

We had some spare time so we went to a local caffee shop and waited till 18:30 when we meet with our friends again. Than we went to the Art museum, the Tarteum because they had a free entrance. We spent some time there, and than walked over the bridge to get to the 'other side' of Tartu. There we waited for the bus and drove home.

Now we're currently checking our suitcases and backpacks if we have everything and if we maybe left something unpacked. We're both quite sad that our stay here in ending soon. But we had a great time and we still have a day to go, so no time for sadness quite yet!

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