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16th day in Tartu, Estonia

Day 16, Saturday, 12. November 2016

Saturday, also sleeping late day as we would call it. We got up at 10:00, did our morning routine and watched some TV (we found an English movie, lucky us!). At 14:00 we had plans to meet up with Zoe and Karina so we left 'home' at 13:30 and arrived to the centre, Kaubamaja where we first met up with Karina and after a few moments also Zoe. The plan for today was to go up to the Toome Hill to a museum. First we were not too sure about going up on a hill in cold weather, but we had nothing else to do, and we wanted to spend time with our friends so we went.

And when we arrived, we were happy that we went because the so called hill was really small. We walked about 5 minutes and first passed one bridge. The angel bridge. Zoe and Karina told us, that there's a legend. that that part of the city has 2 bridges; one devil bridge and one angel bridge. The story behind Angel's bridge was, that if you have a wish, you have to walk on the bridge, from one side to another, wishing your wish and holding your breath. Me and Nika of course wanted to wish for something, and we decided to do that at the end, before we leave.
Angel bridge

After the bridge we walked to the museum. We visited the University of Tartu Museum. Personally one of the most beautiful places in Tartu. We first bought a ticket for the museum, and went up to the 5th floor and than went down, exploring every room as we went down. And may I add on the way up we took a really cool, old school elevator;

We first went into a 'crazy professors' laboratory/room and spent quite some time there. It was so fun! First we all went into a dark cube, that had grass and some bugs painted in the inside, and it had mirrors inside. So cool!

We had to enter with a flashlight and gloves!

One of the many interesting things in crazy professor's room 

We than explored the room on. It had so many interesting things, like one of the first devices, used to present animations, and little fun things like that. On the oposside side of the professors room, we saw another big room, with many interesting historical thins, and it was also filled with little experiments like camera obscura,.. Also there were a lot of professors presented and their ols classroms! After that we procided to go down the museum into other floors and rooms and found so many interesting stuff.

we don't want school on Saturdays!

We had a very serious meeting

And one of them was the 'Deah Mask of Aleksandar Pushkin. There were 12 mask made and only 4 can still be see/ have been found. One of them was in the museum we visitede today. 

On the next floor we found the white hall. It was a big white hall, as the name tells us and the girls told us that when students, that study music recieve their diplomas there and one choose one plays on the piano. They recieve their diplomas from the Major. We took some interesting pictures in this hall.

After the hall we went downstairs and that was it. We did however spent a lot of time there because when we went into the museum it was still ligh outside, and we went back out it was dark.

After the tour, we went to the Angel bridge where me and Nika made our wishes. After the bridge we went to Gustav, a famous caffe/restaurant with cakes.

The weather was about -3C without snow.
Best wishes,
Anastasija and Nika.

written by: Anastasija Spirovska

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