nedelja, 13. november 2016

17th day in Tartu, Estonia

Day 17, Sunday, 13. November 2016.

The very last Sunday in Tartu for us; for now! We decided to spent to day somewhat productively; we decided to buy some gifts for our friends. Since our practice in Estonia is coming to an end, we realized we spent all the necessary money on food and what we have left is to be brought back home and/or be spent on gifts.

In the evening, we first went to the Kaubamaja Tartu mall. We bought some cosmetics we don't have in Slovenia, and than took the bus 7 and drove to the Lõnakeskus shopping centre. It's the one of the very edge of Tartu. We both spent quite some time in there, choosing things for ourselves and also for our friends. 

We first spent a lot of time in a clothing shop Cropp. We don't have that kind of store in Slovenia, and we really liked their clothes (and the prices). Next stop was Flying Tiger; a store that has everything you'd ever need in a cuter/funnier version. 

After we finished with gift shopping in Tiger, we saw a waffle bar on the opposide side of Tiger. The smell and also price invited us over, and we each got one Belgian waffle. They were really good!

After that, we went to the supermarket to get some juice and some sweets and head back home.

We had no snow today, just a bit of cold weather.

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