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6. day in Tartu, Estonia

Wednesday, day 6, 2. November 2016
Something bright and white woke us up on this cold Wednesday (besides our alarm clocks) and that was snow! Yes it snowed again, and as I have mentioned before the weather predictions showed us snow, but nevertheless we were still surprised when we saw the  snow on the foortops of houses. I guess we will have to get used to it! 
Agin we rushed to the bus this morning, thinking we would miss it, but we arrived at the bus stop on time, and the bus was a few minutes late again.

We arrived at the school about 10 minutes before the lesson started and waited in front of our classroom; we waited and waited and no teacher showed up. We decided to wait at the window that had a place to sit, in front of the floor door that lead into many classroom, including our own. We weren't sure what to do, since all the computers in the classroom were taken and we saw no male teacher enter or sit at the front desk. We waited good few hours, and kept checking if there was someone that could help us. 
Our view for a good few hours

Part of the school

Eventually the teacher we were waiting for came and asked us if we were the students from Slovenia. We said yes and he told us to meet him in the classroom 305 after the lunch break that would start in about 10 minutes. Me and Nika of course didn't feel the best just waiting out there but we had nothing else to do and the teacher wasn't mad and I think he understood our situation.

So after the lunch break we sat down with the teacher, introduced ourselves and talked a bit about our stay at the school. We saw what the students were working on; laying out a newspaper article and we explained that we are familiar with this kind of work and that we have done similar projects back at SMGŠ (our school in Slovenia). Because there was not much hours left of the class, he showed us little books that the students have made in previous leassons. They were made from A3 papers with folding and cutting only. 
Our classroom for the day

Example of the books made by students

So our work for the day was to make one; me one and Nika one. We did have a bit trouble with it, not going to lie, but the teacher helped us and showed us a much easier way to make the book. Our first thought was to divide the A3 paper into squares, draw out lines and cut them, but than he explained that we just have to fold the paper a few times and cut in assigned places, fold and get the result. After that, we got the hang of it and we both made one; the end result thought was not too good, the fold were not eaven and it didn't look as good as the example ones we got. But before the class ended, the teacher showed us how to make the book cover and told us that if we aren't happy with out work, we could take some material home and make another one, because the first ones nevere end up looking too good. And that's what we did! 
And for the content of our book, Nika's will be filled with emojis with English and Slovenian meaning and use, since she's good at drawing and mine will be filled with Slovenia phrases and English translations so the students that want to learn a bit of our language can!
Nika's book in the making
Me and Nika both agree that this class is really interesting and fun, and we can learn a lot from it. Also the teacher explained the subject and our assigment well so that's what made us like this subject even more. We also talked to the teacher and me and Nika decide to go to his class tomorrow aswell, where we will be doing a bit of 3D work or something along those lines; something that we know a bit about, but we will be working more on it tomorrow, so that's exciting and we're ready to learn! Also the class starts at 13:00 and finishes at 18:00 so that's good! 

When the class was over we got back home, made dinner later on in the day and enjoyed the evening in our room.

The weather today was cold, -2C, a bit windy and it snowed from time to time.

more snow

We miss our school!
snowy streets of Tartu

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