sobota, 12. november 2016

15th day in Tartu, Estonia

Friday, day 15, 11. November 2016


Finally Friday! The program for today was to go to class at 10:30 and finish at 14:30 and we were both happy because it meant we had more free time in the evening.

We got up around 9, completed our morning routine  quickly in hopped on the bus that left at 9:55.

We arrived at school 20 minutes before class, so the first thing we did is sat down on the couches on the ground floor in the school. We connected our phones with wifi to check if anything's new and I started writing one of the blogs, we didn't post on time due to our internet in the hotel not working.

We went to class at 10:30 found an empty computer; here it doesn't matter where you sat the previous lesson, you just sit wherever you want really, and listened to the teacher. First he told the class to send in all of the exercises they've done. The girl next to me translated what he said to me, and he also told us we could send him our work.

When that was out of the way we started with todays lesson. Today's lesson was the last one in this lot of classes (the lot consisted of 3 lessons, we got lucky enought to catch and attend them all). We learned about text/page layout. First, he showed some examples how the text should look like and then gave us all a 'messed' up text that we had to fix and put in correct order. Since that text was in Estonian we did the exercise along side the teacher and all the other students, and when we finished it, we got another text, to which we had to add margins and correct it; place all the elements in the right place. We started working on it, and when we were nearly finished the teacher went around to check the work, and for me he said I just had to fix some minor things! 

While working, we saw a dog in the clasroom next to ours!

At 12.15 we had a lunch break till 13:00. We meet with our friends, Zoe and Karina and went down to the student 'lunch' room; our lovely friends made us some tea and coffe and we chatter for a bit. 

At 13:00 we went back to class and worked on how big should capitals be in text. The teacher explained a method, on how to know and choose the right size and showed us some examples again. This class went by quickly and at the end we said goodbye to this teacher, because he will be away next week. He was a great teacher, he really made an effort to teach us something and we were very honored to be able to learn from him.

After that I borowed a computer from the school and wrote and posted the blogs from the previous days. That took us a good hour and when I finished, I returned the computer and we went home.

Later on in the evening we went to the city to look around and get some coffe.

written by: Anastasija Spirovska

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