četrtek, 17. november 2016

20. day in Estonia, Tartu

DAY 20, Wednesday 16. November 2016

The final countdown to going home we could say. We're already at day 20, but we still had some work to finish at school.

Because we we're working alone, we went to school a bit later than usuall. We arrived around 11:00 and borrowed laptops and started working on our desigs (the bird project).

We had to make stickers, a mug design and a tote bag design with our illustartions of our birds. We started immideately. We first made a sticker design, saved it in all the fomats we had to and than contined doing the same with the totebag and mug design. When we finished we also had to make a presentation, with our name, email and all 3 designs and send it to our mentor so she can show it to the customers and they can choose their favourite.

We worked for quite some time, we finished at 15:30. When we send all the files we returned the laptops and meet with our friends Zoe and Karina on the 5th floor to play some games. Zoe had a really fun game on her phone, guess the spy. 3 of us got a role and a location, and one got an unknown location and their role was to be the spy. We didn't know who was who and we had to guess trought questions who's the spy/the spy had to guess the lcoation to win. That was really fun! We also played some Uno, but a reflex kind of Uno. The girls also made us some tea, brought pillows and snacks and it was really a great end of the day.

 We went home around 8 where we gathered all of our things because we will have to pack soon!

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