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13th day in Tartu, Estonia

Day 13, Wednesday, 9. November 2016

I apologize for the lack of blogs these past two days. The WiFi in our hotel is down and we had no other source of internet near us, so I am writing this blog today, whilst in school (on a school computer, with the WiFi which works perfectly!).

On Wednesday we had no classes, but we were supposed to be introduced to a new project we had to start working on. Since the meeting was at 10:00 we could sleep a little longer. We started the day like the other, with getting ready and leaving a bit late for the bus, but we did not miss it so it was okay!

When we got to school, we had the meeting on the 4th floor, where the teacher's commerce room is. Our supervisor for the project Janika Nõmmela Semjonov came to us when she saw we had arrived and asked us if we were the Slovenian students. We said yes, introduced ourselves and sat down. We didn't start quite immediately, since we were waiting for our mentor Siiri. She didn't know much about the project aswell, she would just work on it like us and guide us, because she has a little more experience. Siiri used to be an exchange student from Finland aswell,  but since this year she transferred schools.  So we waited for her for a bit, and when she came our supervisor explained the project. 

This school works with many companies and associations and this time got a great apportunity to work with one. The Tartu Ornithology association has asked the school if they could gather a few students to illustrate (draw out) their bird of the year, because they want to put our designs on stickers, tote bags and posters I think. We both know that this is a really great apportonity for us, and we are already working hard on it. So to sum it up, me, Nika and Siiri all have to draw out different designs of birds, we choose what pictures we want, color them and next week we will show it to the head of the Ornithology association. She will choose her favourite and that persons illustrated bird will be printed on the products mentioned before.

As soon as we heard about the project, we each took a laptop, the school provided us with paper and pens, colours and neccesary things like that and we strarted working. We each choose and image we will draw out and first sketched it on an A4 paper, and than transfered it onto a larger, A3 format. 
working hard
Nikas work so far

Progress was made but working on this project was difficult. We still arent finished, personally I have to start coloring in the bird, and Nika has to finish because she has started the colouring part already. We will continue working on this project on Monday.

Also our mentor, Siiri is great, she answered our question when and if we had any and we also made friends with her so that was great!
Again, I apolohize because this post is going up late, it was because of the WiFi.

written by:
Anastasija Spirovska

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