torek, 15. november 2016

19th day inTartu, Estonia

Day 19, Tuesday, 15. November 2016

Before we start today's blog we had something to say:
We're sending a big cold Tere(hello) over to our friends in Malta! We're glad to see you enjoying your sunny days and we are sending over a bit of a cold breeze, just to make things a bit cooler ;)
TERE to our friends in Malta!
Now back on track. It is already Tuesday, this last week the days are really just flying by, without a warning. We're already grumpy about having to pack soon and leave, but we knew this was coming.

We started today a bit easier, slower, since we were just finishing off the bird project. We got to school at 11:00. We first went to the Teacher's office (the main one) to borrow laptops and get our illustrations from one of the offices.

Than we went into one of the classrooms that was free today and booked for us to work in. Not really a classroom, because it's just a big room with big tables, which were great since we could put our laptops as well as our illustrations and work peacefully. For today, we had to scan our bird illustrations and make the stickers, coffee mug and tote bag. But since we arrived a bit later than we should the classroom that has the A3 scanner was taken (there was a class in it), so while we waited for that class to be over, we worked on the items with Siiri's birds (the girl that is also on this project). We made the stickers, mug and tote bag as we would if we had our birds, but we used hers instead. We saved all the items in editable formats because tomorrow we will just paste in our scanned illustrations and maybe edit some mistakes we might see. 

At 3 we saw that the teacher has left the classroom and only a few students were in the classroom, finishing their work. We went in and scanned our illustrations. Then we went back to the laptops, saved everything onto my USB key and called it a day.

We returned the laptops and walked to the city centre. We then took a bus and went to a mall to buy some things we forgot to get and also some things for us to take home and remember Estonia.

good night, Nika& Anastasija

written by: Anastasija Spirovska

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