petek, 11. november 2016

14th day in Tartu, Estonia

Day 14, Thursday, 10. November 2016

I apologize for the lack of blogs these past two days. The WiFi in our hotel is down and we had no other source of internet near us, so I am writing this blog today, whilst in school (on a school computer, with the WiFi which works perfectly!).
Like last week, we started with classes at 13:00 on Thursday. That meant sleeping in. But we are used to getting up early so we got up around 9:00 and slowly got ready.

We arrived at school just a few minutes before class, and took the 2 free computers (one in the front and on in the back) which meant we did not sit together. We had digital typography again, and we worked on kerning and leading. Both topic we already knew something about, but we still followed the group and listened to the teachers explanations in Estonian (he of course translated the important things to us). First he explained kerning and we played and online game; we got 10 words and we had to move them/kern the words and the student with the highest score would get a chocolate. My score was 95, Nikas 92

After that we got an assignment to write a sentence with 2-3 words in all caps and in small letters, with 3 different fonts and than to add kerning and leading to them. The second one was to make a list of words and geologos and to play around with a word or two and make the word more interesting.

Yesterdays class was over and hour earlier because the teachers had a conference. We went home and watched a movie Nika had on her computer and some television because the WiFi had stopped working as mentioned. And I should add that we watched a news channel, because it was the only one in English and the program repeted the same news 3 times. So that was fun.

We had no snow falling for the sky, but the streets are still full of it.

written by Anastasija Spirovska

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