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8th day in Tartu, Estonia

Friday, finally! 4. November 206
We started the day at 8 as usual. We got ready a bit quicker since our bus leaves at 8:44. We also made some lunch to go since we would have to be in school from 9:00 to 14:00. We arrived at the school a little before 9 and see what was our work.

We were in the class Basic Art Studies. We had to draw a perspective of a house, corner, stairs or anything else we'd find in the school. We first set up in the hallway and decided to paint a house that was visible from the school window. While drawing the schools cute cat Igor came to visit.

He's soo cute!

We had to stop and pet the kitten!

But the teacher came to see our work, and told us that the particular house we were drawing didn't have 2 points; we than realized we had to draw a 2 point perspective, something the teacher didn't mention before, but that was probably because she forgot or she might have mentioned yesterday when was the first class but we didn't go to that class because we choose digital typography because it was more fun, interesting and mostly usefull for us and our field. We than moved our art stand in another room and started drawing there. We had to draw till 12:15 which was the lunch break and than continue drawing another drawing at 13:00 at a church. 

So after the lunch break we walked to the city and the church we were supposed to meet at. We arrived just on time and the teacher explained the students what to do and when she finished our friend Zoe that was in the same class translated the instuctions. Our job was to draw an uppet point of our wiev; I choose a window and Nika choose 3 colums. We also took some wooden boards and 2 papers to do the work. We were in a protestant Church so the interior wasn't too hard to draw but the task was still difficult since the church was soo cold and we had to sit there and draw for 4 hours.

When the clock ticked 16:00 we packed our things and left; we were really happy to go home and even to go on the bus because the church was colder than outside in our opinion! When we arrived home we went to bed quite early than the other days.

The weather was cold, around -2C without snow.
Best wishes, 
the 2 Estonian girls!

the window I choose

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